Steven H. Clason, ProprietorTop Dog Strategy is a one-man, anything-for-a-buck, Web design and development shop, located in Boulder, Colorado, USA and owned and operated by Steve Clason.

He's good at:

He also knows when to ask for help and can usually get it. He rarely lies about his capabilities, which include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL, the last three as a sort of advanced novice.

Dogs like him. He is thoughtful and studious and tends to produce svelte, standards-compliant work geared carefully to the requirements and wishes of his clients.

You should hire him. If you do, you'll receive good work at decent rates; you'll be listened to, your wishes and requirements will be respected, you'll never have to wonder how things are going, your project will be delivered on time and the bill will not surprise you. You might hear a joke from time to time.

For a quote, a question or just to shoot the breeze: