Search Engine Marketing

Two facts about Internet usage underscore the importance of search engines to your marketing effort:

  1. 80% of Internet sessions begin with a search;
  2. Search is the second most common use of the Web, after e-mail.

No matter what other methods you employ to promote and publicize your Web site, ensuring that potential customers can find you when they look for you should be one of the fundamental goals of your marketing efforts.

Businesses have different needs related to that goal, and Top Dog offers a range of services appropriate to those varying needs and affordable within different marketing budgets.

When considering your needs, be careful not to underestimate the importance of your Web site content. The content of your pages is as important to your site's "search engine friendliness" as the features and services listed below, and often receives much less attention.

These brief summaries include very rough estimates of the likely costs. We include this information because we recognize that budgets are important—we ask you to recognize that the costs we list are merely ball park figures, and could go up or down considerably depending on your specific situation. If you require an accurate quotation for your project, please contact us.

Search Engine Submissions

If you're not there, no one is going to find you. Just being indexed by the popular search engines will hardly bring you massive traffic, but at least you provide the possibility that a potential customer can find you.

Our submission service isn't much like that offered by the e-mails you might get offering to "Submit Your Site To Over 300,000 Search Engines!". We don't spam the search engines, but rather follow their guidelines explicitly, submitting manually, a single page at a time, and then following up with resubmission when necessary. Costs are around $100 depending on the size of your site. If you are already listed in the engines this is unnecessary.

Site Analysis

Optimizing your Web site for high search engine rankings isn't rocket science, but it takes considerable time and effort to understand what elements of an HTML page are relevant to search engine ranking algorithms, and how to best deploy those elements on the page.

A little cash spent on an analysis and audit of your Web site (or your site design) by a person who lives with this stuff night and day can save you a lot of time, and might keep you from making common and costly errors. Analysis costs are generally around $500.

Titles, Tags and Submissions

This is the quick and dirty approach to improving your rankings. Page titles are the most important element of your page for achieving rankings. Meta tags are much less important, but they matter some, and the "description" tag is used by some engines as the site summary on their results page and so is important from a sales standpoint.

We'll take a quick pass through your site, revving up your titles and tags, then we'll manually submit the pages to the most important search engines. Cost is around $50/page.

Directory Submissions

Just getting the directories (Looksmart and Yahoo) to consider your site for inclusion will cost you a few hundred dollars these days—but getting included can give you a quick traffic boost.

Make sure that expense turns into a good listing. They have rules about what sort of sites to include and they are very persnickety about the language used in their descriptions and the heading under which a submission is made. If they don't like what you submit, you won't get in. We can do it for you—and have never had a submission rejected. Costs $200 plus the submission fees from the directory.

Full Service

Does your business plan depend on search engine referrals? If so, then half measures won't do.

Top Dog can design a Search Engine Marketing Campaign focused on increasing traffic and using every option available—what's listed above, and some other techniques we're holding in reserve. As you would imagine, costs vary immensely, but you can use $250/page as a very rough estimate.

We maintain a very flexible approach, gearing our work to the needs of the business and the budget. These categories explaining our services should be taken as guidelines, as should the cost estimates. For a more reliable estimate, please contact us; we would be happy to work out a program to suit your individual needs.


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