Site Management

Don't consume your personal bandwidth learning arcane technologies you'll rarely use! The Website management services of Top Dog Strategy will sweat the details of reporting and analyzing traffic, updating content, monitoring search engine rankings and quickly fixing problems—and you won't have to lift a finger.

By contracting for Top Dog Strategy's Site Management services, you can bolster your Web presence using proven management skills and high powered analytical techniques without relinquishing any control.

Traffic Management

Squeezing maximum business benefit from your Web site requires knowing who visits, what pages they read, how long they stay and where they come from, and it requires knowing how these measurements change as the content of your site changes and as the World Wide Web matures.

Contracting Top Dog for Traffic Management will deliver a written report, e-mailed monthly, including number of user sessions ("hits"), search engine rankings, search engine referrals, and the most popular pages of your site, all of this data charted over time to allow trend-spotting, and recommendations for improving your traffic based on the analysis.


Credibility comes from attention to details—and credibility is what keeps people coming back to your site and recommending it to others, the key to steadily increasing traffic. Dead links, stale content, ancient press releases and "new" items that aren't even close all subtract from your credibility.

But who has time to watch the store that closely? Top Dog! We can make periodic, scheduled visits to your site, analyzing the content and replacing, deleting or updating items that have not aged well. We'll check your links, see who is linking to you, and perform routine maintenance, including adding your new content. These services are available on an hourly basis or a monthly flat-fee, depending on your need.

Project Management

Updating your current site or building a brand new one, getting all of the pieces together has been made immensely more difficult as web technology evolves. Graphic design and content creation have always been necessary, but now you might also need E-commerce functions, data base-driven product catalogues, animations, password protected zones, search engine marketing, syndicated content—the list of possibilities goes on and on.

All these pieces need to be put together, with the timing synchronized and the budget managed. If you're planning a gigantic site, your developer will manage the project for you—but smaller businesses with smaller-scale (but still complex) projects can often use a hand keeping the details straight.

Top Dog has decades of experience managing all sorts of projects: let us sweat the details for you!

Contact us with your management needs and we'll deliver a quote—fast and accurate.

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