Design and Development

Get Your Web site Off Its Ass

An effective Web site doesn't sit there looking pretty, it gets off its ass and goes to work. Making it do that can be tough, and the toughest part happens before anybody touched their fingers to a keyboard.

The Hard Part is Deciding What You Want It To Do

If it's going to work, you have to know what you want from it—you waste time and money if you don't have specific goals for your Web site before you start working on it. Creating those goals means assessing your organizations needs and goals and the needs and goals of your customers or clients. There's no secret to it—results come from disciplined work. But it helps to have a plan.

Top Dog ensures that the right questions will be asked and your site will meet your needs by recognizing and rigorously planning four phases for each Web project:

Getting It Right Requires A Plan

Top Dog promotes a disciplined execution of a plan, acknowledging these stages of a Web project:


Web sites are made by people to meet the needs of other people. In this phase we determine whose needs will be met and what they are. We'll see how you currently meet those needs and see how Web technologies can improve how they are being met—making them better, or making them cheaper. We'll learn what keywords your potential customers use when searching for services like yours and research the competition to find a productive niche.


Battle the urge to think of this as the make-it-pretty stage. This is where the graphic treatment will be designed and where the page grid and overall look of the site will be decided, but we'll also make a content inventory and an information structure and navigation scheme that will get your visitors where they need to be. We'll figure out what functionality your site needs to meet your goals and decide what technologies will serve the purpose. We'll also think about what sort of standards compliance is appropriate for your site and how much effort should be put into making it accessible for vision- or motor-impaired visitors.


This is where we start nailing boards together--content gets written, graphical elements created, html pages constructed and all the necessary scripting and programming completed to achieve the needed functionality. Keywords get deployed for maximum search engine performance, and the finished, tested site is delivered at the end of this phase.


The site may be finished, but the work isn't without Exhaustive testing in the live environment and necessary corrections. We'll help with a plan to track usage of your site through traffic logs and we'll help create a maintenance plan to ensure timely updates and consistent performance. If it's right, Top Dog can also assume responsibility for ongoing Web site management.


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