Content Services

Content: The red-headed stepchild of small business Web sites.

Most of us seem willing to spend lots of time (or to pay someone lots of money) making our Web siteslook crisp and professional. We test and test to make sure everything works right, we carefully select a Web host to ensure minimal downtime and maximum availability—then at the last minute we realize we need some words, and fill the site with whatever's handy.

Your visitors come looking for information, and they want it well-organized, timely, easy to find, clear, concise, and to the point. If you provide content that's relevant to their needs, they stay. If you don't, they're gone, faster than you can kiss a duck. Top Dog's content services enable you to deliver that information—written with the needs of your customers and the needs of you business in mind.

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Copy Writing

One of the biggest needs of any Web site is for fresh, quality content, acutely relevant to the needs of the visitors and compelling enough that they stick around. And always, the content must clearly state your mission—the last thing you want is a visitor clicking away wondering what you do.

We write snappy, informative copy, matching the personality of your site and clearly expressing your business so that your visitors know what you have to offer and know how it will benefit them.

Copy Editing

Already have copy on your site or want to re-purpose some stuff written for other media? Let us lean it up and edit for optimum presentation. While we're at it, we'll deploy likely search terms in prominent places throughout your text to improve your chances of a high listing with the search engines, and create additional hyperlinks within your text to aid your visitors' navigation.

We can revise your text to be read easily and to get the best possible search engine visibility, by applying standard guidelines for Web-based writing and techniques developed through our own experience and study.

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