Site Accessibility Statement

This site has been constructed to comply with WCAG-AAA accessibility standards (see full compliance statement). In addition, two recommended features have been implemented to assist moving through the site without using a mouse, as outlined below.

Access Keys

Most browsers support keyboard access keys to provide shortcuts to frequently used links. While sometimes problematic, these hot-key combinations can aid both experienced users as well as users with poor mobility skills as they navigate through a site.

The following access keys are defined:

Most, but not all, browsers support hot-key combinations, called Access Keys. Windows users can navigate with the accesskey feature by typing ALT+Accesskey. On the Mac, you would use CTRL+Accesskey (not COMMAND+Accesskey, which can produce undesired effects). Internet Explorer users may also need to hit the ENTER key to activate a link.

Tab Order

Pressing the TAB key will cycle through all the links on a page, first selecting the items in the global navigation (the navigation selections that repeat on each page) then links embedded in the content portion of the page.

To bypass the global navigation links, first use the "Skip Navigation" access key by pressing ALT-2 (CTRL-2 on a Mac), then you can TAB through the remaining links on the page.

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